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Explore a diverse spectrum of engaging 805 events and thrilling 805 concerts in the captivating counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

Our comprehensive event listings encompass an array of experiences, from dynamic music events to enthralling

festivals, all conveniently accessible through our platform. Get started today and search 805 events calendar and schedule, which also includes regional and national event listings.

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Elevate your entertainment journey by effortlessly sourcing and securing 805 event tickets. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary range of local events, including concerts that harmonize with the rhythm of Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, and even the greater Los Angeles region.  events harmonize seamlessly with a vast network of 5,000 websites, captivating a staggering 43 million-strong audience. Our platform is an unparalleled hub, boasting 5 million event submissions and cementing its status as the prime destination for discovering, submitting, and engaging with events.

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As your event finds its place within Evvnt's extensive network via in805, you'll experience a surge of support that propels your event's prominence. Local event promotions and strategically tailored social media posts form just the tip of the iceberg. With syndication across our network of 5,000+ sites, your event's visibility will reach new heights. Facilitate ticket sales by broadening the spectrum of platforms from which attendees can procure their tickets. Today is the day to create your event and resonate with a local audience within your immediate locale, regionally, or even nationally. Seize the opportunity and launch your event today!

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Explore City Information Near Events

Are you attending an event and need information about the event location city.  Our city guides offer information about each of Ventura Counties cities, including recommendations about where to stay, demographics, preferred businesses, etc.

In addition our 805 Business Directory allows you to find a hotel, motel or play to stay.

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